New Years Thoughts

I don’t like making resolutions for the obvious and common reason that they are usually disappointments. J. Erwine in his blog said very much the same thing. But I would like to accomplish a few things. I can expect to be disappointed in lots of things, so let’s try and set some goals.

1) Learn, really learn, Flash. I believe that HTML is limited. I have been using AJAX and some advance CSS stuff lately. I like the CSS buttons on this page, but I need to learn Flash and action script in order to move to the next level. I’ve tried before, but the tutorials are extremely basic and then a few pages later they make some kind of quantum leap and I’m lost. I need to find a good book and really learn it. In 2005 I learned PHP and in 2006 I will learn Flash.

2) I want to finish another scratch harp amp. I want to make the Twin-8 and get it working and then sell the kits.

3) I want to get a job where I can work at home. This is pie in the sky, but I am not needed or even particularly wanted at Westchester Gov, even though my three year anniversary is coming up. The next job should be a telecommute job. Just me and the cats banging away code in our pajamas.

4) I want a vacation. Since I have been consulting, I have not taken a vacation. That’s five years. There were a few weeks unemployment in there, but you can’t take a vacation when you can’t pay for it.

5) I want to go back to the jams and play harp. All the blues jams have closed down or else they start late. I can’t stay out until 1AM on a Wednesday night. I want to go to a blues jam again, so I have to find one or hope that a new one opens up in Nyack.

6) I want to finish Fumets and then rewrite it and send it to publishers. I want to try another novel. Perhaps I should enter nonwrimo next year.

7) I want to sell a story to somewhere in Ralan’s Pro/semi page. This means writing such a story. I hope the idea comes.

2005 was a stinky year. 2004 was a very bad year. I would be glad when this decade ends, but I will be 58 years old when it does.

Here’s hoping that 2006 will be an improvement. If I do any of the things on my list, I will be a little happy.

So far, though, 2006 hasn’t been so hot. I got a reject today on the story that I sent out last week. All the other stories out are perennial losers so I can expect more big Rs in the coming weeks. If I want to sell a story, I’ll just have to write a good one.

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  1. Chris Bartholomew wrote:

    I think you can get all of that done.

    Monday, January 2, 2006 at 11:44 pm | Permalink