Story Submissions

There are a few new Pro or near Pro zines that have just appeared. I am wondering if they know just how little money there is to be made in free fiction. The zines are Baen’s Astounding Stories (stupid name), Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show (stupid name), and Fantasy Magazine (how can they use that title? At least three zines have used it in the past.)
I submitted trunked stories to the first two to check on their slush process. Since there is no way that Baen will buy from me after the Astounding Stories domain name debacle, I sent them an old version of a story that I have since changed to YA and submitted elswhere. I’ll submit my updated version of The Duke’s Left Eye to Fantasy Mag on Nov. 1 when they open for reading.
I still have stories at Ideomancer (25 days), Ficticious Force (3 days), Fifth Di… (10 days).
I sent a story to Carina at ZenPen. She is doing free critiques. I want to find out why Speed Trap comes back with bizarre comments. I love the story, but I don’t think that anyone actually reads it. I will share the results (if she is gentle in her critique.)