Rock and Roll Lyric site

I found a cache of 45,000 song lyrics. I combined that with an domain name that I wasn’t using and I wrote a program that created 45,000 web pages. I am now copying them to my new site Rock and Roll Lyrics at

The concept here is Shelf Space. A new web page will get a few random hits, depending on the subject matter. Since I am creating 45,000 pages I should get many thousands of hits a day. The internet is so huge that I will ge getting spillover that might result in ad clicks. I have internet shelf space of 45,000 pages. It has to be good for something, even if nobody wants the product.

I am guessing that the click-through-rate will be less than 1% and that the earnings per thousand hits will be low – perhaps $1. But 45,000 pages might get random traffic of 20,000 hits a day. That’s about $20 a day. Impossible you say? After a year or so, as the links to the pages mature, I will be getting that much and more, I am sure.

I have search engine ads on one side and affiliate ads on the other side. The affiliate ads have not paid well in years, and the ads are fighting each other. I may try a different type of add for these pages.

The web pages are only about 32 megabytes, but FTP takes a long time to open and close files so I have been transferring songs for 2 days and I am only on the S’s.