Kind Words

I do what I do because I like doing it. Often I am asked to make a microphone, amp, web page, or program for cash and I usually won’t do it. My standard response is, I do this stuff for my own pleasure. If I did it for pay, I’d have to find a new job. I’d like to say that I do things for the glory, but lately there has been precious little glory.

Over the weekend, I received a couple of nice ego boosts.

First, in a comment left on one of my websites, a reader praised what he said was good writing in one of my articles about blues. Here’s what I had written that prompted the comment:

Blues is a back porch, fish fry style of music to be played by and with friends. Blues is the music of a people who can’t afford to go to Bruce Springsteen concerts, or buy the latest Madonna CD. All you need is three chords, some beer, and good friends, and you have your own blues concert.

The reader left the comment “Nice Writing!” It was very kind of the annoymous reader to take the time to say something nice.

Next, in the latest edition of AlienSkin Magazine, the editors made kind comments about Arthur Sanchez and the Astounding Tales website. Here’s what they said:

AlienSkin would like to congratulate Arthur Sánchez on his latest endeavor, as editor-in-chief of his new online magazine, Astounding Tales. It’s published on a quarterly basis. Several of us staffers took a look-see around the site, and read a few of the stories. We found the site to be very well laid out, easy to navigate, and quite easy on the eyes. And Mr. Sánchez, of course, has impeccable taste and chose some wonderful stories to delight his readers. And we were indeed delighted.
Way to Go, Arthur! Much success to you!
Mr. Sánchez also has a story appearing in this issue of AlienSkin, entitled, A True Being, which is being featured as one of our Spring Specials.

I know that they don’t mention me, but when you read that the site is nicely laid out and easy on the eyes, that’s me. I am quite proud of the mention, even if it is not by name.

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  1. ArthurS wrote:

    Keith should be proud of the site. It is very much a product of his skill and talent. As editor, people often only see my name. That’s a mistake I always try to correct. I’m the chatty one. I’m the one who’s constantly trying to get our names to appear somewhere. As a result, I can become pretty visible. (For good or bad.) But Keith is a driving force behind this site. He’s a bit of a curmudgeon. (Sorry Keith, but you have to admit it.) But this site would not exist without him. I’d like to pull him more into the center of attention when it comes to but so far he’s resisted my efforts. But I’ll get him out there — he deserves the recognition.

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