Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

I have worked in dingy offices in cubicles formed by shabby partitions for most of my life. I had my camera in my pocket when I went to work, so here are some pics.

I work in a large older building in the heart of White Plains. It was built in 1930, and is mostly designed in a Deco style, but it is built from parts from a catalog. The design elements seem to clash and have no theme or unity. The architects just picked whatever seemed to fit. The outside is Deco with Classic Revival elements and a few Victorian designs. The inside is all polished terrazzo and Deco light fixtures.
An interesting bit of synchronicity is that I took my West Point qualifying test in this building. I did well enough on the test to get a recommendation to the academy, but my glasses kept me from passing the physical.

My cubicle:

Fellow Programmer Aji:

Fellow programmer Koch:

Mysterious office worker in cubicle behind mine: