and new software

I have been running FireFox. instead of Internet Explorer for a few months now and I would suggest that you go out and get yourself a copy now. I use IE only for websites that need specialized ActiveX components and there are only a few of these.

I installed the AdBlock extension and I have been able to get rid of all the ads on Yahoo and a few other places cluttered with ads. While browsing, I noticed that it was executing a script called MyBlogLog. I checked it out and if you go to, you can sign up for free to put a code snippet on your Blog page that lets you know how many people are viewing your site and what outbound links they are clicking.

OUTBOUND LINKS! I think this a great tool. I already have logs that show where my readers are coming from, but now there is way to see where they are going when they leave your page.

I reverse engineered the code today and now I have a little app that records all click actions to see where my users are going. I am testing it on I want to see the patterns of where people go on my websites. If it works, I will put it on every page. I will be collecting huge amounts of data, so I will have to have a cleanup and summarization process.

Once it is stable and I have some good reports written, I will add a user table and allow other people to use the site. I may have to move the URL to another host that can handle the database action.