Boy are you guys lucky. I started writing a 2004 retrospective and an outlook on 2005. Both were pretty grim, and I trashed the entry, so all I will say is that 2005 is going to be another tough year. I hope things get a little better – at least for a while. I’m sick of being sad all the time. I want to win at poker, and have a good harmonica jam, and get one of my amps finished, and make a pro sale. Is this too much to ask? I’ll settle for having a job in 2005 – this one looks like it’s winding down at last.

Erica and I both had a miserable flu bug over New Years weekend and I am hoping that 2005 will be generally better than it was for the last couple of days. (The bright side is that I was so sick that I lost 7 pounds in 5 days.)