Gracie update

Gracie now has pins in her jaw. Her soft pallete was sewn up. Her infection is almost gone. She has eaten some of the other cat’s food and she has chased Ollie around the house (to his great joy). Her right eye now reacts to light and she appears to be tracking with it.

Miracle Kitten! 12 days ago I didn’t believe that she would stay alive until I got to the pet emergency room and now she is near full recovery.

She is now officially the most expensive pet that I have ever owned – over $4000 and still rising.

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  1. Cardelli wrote:

    You did the right thing spending that money on your feline. I did the same thing in 1985 at a cost of 2 grand. I asked William S. Burroughs who I just happened to meet shortly after my cat was hit by a car in Brooklyn, during an interview I covered for Bill Vitka, and Mr. Burroughs felt the same way. Best of luck to Gracie.

    Tuesday, October 5, 2004 at 11:00 pm | Permalink