Some reponses over the weekend

Alien Skin returned “The Thoat” with a rewrite request. I’ll do it as soon as the coffee kicks in this morning. They said it made then nostalgic for Lexx. Who is Lexx?

Irregular Quarterly returned my political short. I suspect that it may no tbe as good as I think it is, in spite of praise from several editors. I still think that it is a hot potato to editors who are afraid to alienate hlf of their audience. Also it is of regional interest (the region being US – which is large, but still…)

I wonder how internet usage breaks down on national demographics lines. Most of the users in my web logs come in through AOL. From what I can find (which is suspect is wrong.) The USA accounts for about 25% of world internet traffic and less than 50% of English speaking taffic. Asia is about 1/3 of all traffic and Europe is about 20%.

I would guess that a partisan political story from the US may be considered regional or even provincial.

I may start up as an Anonymous site and post my stuff there along with John’s. I’ll ask Bob (from poker) to donate to the cause.