Lone Star and The Last Big Herd

Yesterday, I wrote a 2800 word short for Lone Star Stories about a herd of Mammoths passing through Texas. Eric Marin nixed it the next day. This will teach me never to write for a specialty market. Now I have to trunk it after just one submission.

Here’s what Eric wrote: 

Thank you for submitting “The Last Big Herd” to _Lone Star Stories_.Unfortunately, this story just didn’t draw me in, so I’m going to pass on it. I welcome additional work from you, and I wish you the best of luck placing this tale elsewhere.

I guess it’s back to the more compelling ideas even if they are harder to write.

Stories like “The Last Big Herd” write themselves. I wrote it mostly in a about two hours yesterday, even though I had the outline done for several weeks. I didn’t want to work on it, but Eric’s instantaneous response time is too attractive.

In other news, Aleta at Abyss & Apex, has posted to the Rumor Mill that A&A has fudged their computer system and they can’t access their submissions. One of my stories has languished there for about two months and I think that they lost it.

I guess it’s time to send it out to Neverary.