Frogs in Aspic

I wrote up “Frogs in Aspic” and sent it in to Glimmer Train. I sent it to Carlos first. What I like about Carlos is that he only sys nice things about my stories and he is so detail oriented that he gets every last typo.

I had the idea of Frogs in Aspic on my honeymoon, 31 years ago. Erica and I stayed at The Colony in Kennebunkport, Maine. George Bush Sr. had breakfast there on sundays with his asshole kid Dubyou.

It was one of thos places where all meals were included with the room. Every meal featured lobster. (Lobster omelets for breakfast.) At dinner they had Lobster aspic. I had never had aspic before and I didn’t like it. I was trying to put the hotel out of business, though, by having seconds of everything. I ate 6 lobsters once for lunch. I ate the aspic.

That night I had a nightmare. I dreamed that they served aspic with little green frogs in it that wiggled as you ate them. I dreamed the whole recipe and I have retained that dream as one of my weirder ones.

I wrote up the recipe yesterday, put a minimal story line around it and wound up with about 1400 words. After Carlos checked it, it went off to Glimmer Train. When GT rejects it, I don’t know where I’ll send it. It’s not Genre – just very odd.